Create a stunning look with blue hair using 613 Lace Frontals

There’s no doubt that blue is one of the most trending colors of the season. From Rihanna to Kylie Jenner, most popular celebrities have tried this popular hue of the season. Beautiful hair can make or break your overall stylish look. And us women, we love experimenting with colours and hairstyles. Whether you are looking to go a little subtle with light blue or want to have head turn with royal blue, the real challenge is to create an all-natural look with lace frontals. Now to the real question, how can you achieve this stunning look with lace frontals? Continue reading to find out more and get inspired to create a look that you can own.

About 613 blonde lace frontals

Made from raw human hair collect material, 613 blonde lace frontals are of good quality and high-density. Apart from being lightweight, the key benefit of using 613 blonde lace frontals are that depending on the occasion, you restyle them with your favourite colours to match your outfit and mood. With this lace frontal, there’s plenty of lace allowance in the front, which implies that you can partition your hair as you please without worrying about the edges at all. Since 2019, blonde 613 has been a popular choice amongst fashionistas as it can be worn indifferently to match your sense of style. It’s an ideal choice for those who are looking to create a flawless blend time after with maximum comfort.

How to get your much-desired blue hair look with 613 lace frontals?

Blue hair look is an easy task to achieve with Luxeal 613 frontals. You don’t have to worry about bleaching them as they are already in blonde colour. Before you get started with the process of colouring the lace frontals, make sure to use ultra-glued styling gel to protect the lace and it doesn’t get stained. Next, use your desired blue colour in a semi-permanent hair dye. Baby blue, indigo blue, sky blue, no matter what your blue shade preference might be, the brand adore has a selection of colours to choose from. You could also get creative and mix up two shades of blue to get the desired choice of colour for your lace frontals. Add them into the mixing bowl, along with some conditioner and blend well with hot water. Once you have mixed them well, use an application brush to apply the colour onto 613 lace frontals. Be as gentle as you can, so that it doesn’t ruin your frontal lace. Part sections of the hair to ensure roots are also dyed well and no blonde spots are visible. Keep it on for a minimum of thirty minutes before washing it away with shampoo.

If you are looking to create that natural hairline, a quick tip would be to tweeze you lace frontals. They are now ready to be styled along with the wig as you desire.

Luxeal London 613 frontals

Planning to experiment with colours and play with your looks? Shop for the best 613 lace frontals from Luxeal London. With these, you have the option to customise the baby hair along the edge to match your hairline. That’s not all, these lace frontals are available in both French Lace as well as Swiss Lace. With focus on quality and durability, Luxeal London is one of the best choices in lace frontals and closures. Now you can create hairstyles that would turn heads and make you feel more confident.

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