Want hair that can go from curly to straight? French Curl Hair is the answer

If you love to express your personality through your hair, French Curl Hair Bundles are a must buy. Hair can be a one size fits all and multifaceted accessory. From a bob to big power curls or mermaid waves French Curl Hair Bundles can fit any look.

What looks can you create with French Curl Hair by Luxeal?

In the hair’s natural state the bundles give a loose wavy-curly texture like you’re a mermaid who just stepped out the water. However, there is no limit to the looks you can create with French Hair Bundles. You can feel like Tyra Bank’s ‘Next Top Model’ and wear it bone straight or even blow dry it adding big bouncy curls with a curling iron. See the endless styles you can create when you purchase the French Curl Hair by Luxeal.

How do you care for French Curl Hair Bundles by Luxeal?

Our French Curl Hair is a loose wavy hair that gives an exotic wet look. Imagine you are in the crystal clear blue water of the Caribbean and as you wade through the ocean making your way back to your cabana on the glistening pink sand your 20-inch jet black waves are dripping down your back. That’s the mood when you wear the French Curl Hair. The hair is beautiful and easy to maintain.

  • To keep the ‘wet look’; use water, conditioner, and a moisturizing styler.

  • For a more Afro-kinky bohemian-inspired style; use only water and condition, and allow the hair to air dry. Find a cute bandana or headband and you are out the door.

  • You may have a formal event to attend in the evening and you’d prefer to have sleek straight hair thus serving the girls a look of Cher in the 1970s. Simply just grab your blow dryer, blow out the French Curl Hair, then use a lightweight heat protectant to flat iron it into beautifully flowing straight tresses.

Do French Curl Hair Bundles tangle or knot?

With the French Curl Hair Bundles one-of-a-kind texture, you may think it would tangle or knot easily. The fact is hair knots or kinks are rare. You will feel empowered wearing French Curl Hair, inspired and ready to take on whatever comes your way during the day. If it’s a meeting at the office, a quick trip to the mall, or hopping on the plane for your next trip to Tulum, this hair can keep up.

Luxeal hair is simple and luxurious, it helps you feel and be your best. The hair is genuine, unprocessed, and completely virgin. All the bundles are thick and full from root to tip. With a variety of natural-looking textures, French Curl Hair Bundles are the most versatile and flexible for various occasions. This amazing hair is just as unique as you are! Click this link to make your purchase!

Before we get started, let’s take a closer look at the perks of using both lace frontals and closures. The key benefits of using lace frontals are that they are easy to install in comparison to sew-in natural hair extensions. They let you experiment with new hairstyles, almost like you would do with your natural hair. They are absolutely comfortable to wear and keeps a constant flow of air to your scalp and hair. Whereas with lace closures, they require very little maintenance, you can take it off and put it back on at your convenience. They are long-lasting and helps protect your hair too.