Closure vs frontals | What are the key differentiators?

Whether you are an expert at wigs or a rookie, it’s important to know what suits you best. Making the right choice between a lace frontal and lace closure can be a little difficult, especially if you are unsure of the differentiating factors amongst them. Luxeal London being the experts in the industry, has created a guide to help you understand everything you need to know about closure and frontal.

What’s a closure?

A closure is a hairpiece that is 4 inches long and wide, placed in the middle of your hair. They don’t create a hairline, instead creates a parting space within the horseshoe-sized portion. The purpose of using lace closure is to close off a hair install. The closure is always made out of lace, sometimes it also made of silk material. The key benefit of using a closure is that it looks natural and covers small defects on your head.

What’s a frontal?

The frontal piece covers your head from temple to temple. It is usually 13X4 inches in size and facilitates easy installation. There are three different types of frontals, including a lace frontal, a combination of silk and lace, and all silk. With the frontal piece, you get an illusion of your scalp, hence you can part your hair in every way you like.