COVID-19 and Wigs: How the Pandemic Has Affected Lace

COVID and Lace Blog 3

For the vast majority of people, the coronavirus, or COVID-19, pandemic has caused a change in lifestyle. We shop differently, spend time with friends and loved ones differently, and we avoid large gatherings and public locales like restaurants. However, an effect of the pandemic that is seldom spoken about is the various shortages that have been caused by the various pauses in industrial manufacturing and production.

The hair and wig industries have also seen effects of these shortages, specifically with lace. We know that having access to fine lace materials makes all the difference when creating wigs and weaves, so the shortage of lace has made a definite impact. The global shortage of lace means that fewer wigs can be created by wig making and luxury hair brands, like Luxeal London.

So, how did we get here? Of course, it’s no secret that COVID-19 forced a lockdown in many countries. It’s likely that you and your family have started working from home if that’s possible in your career. While the lockdown of lace manufacturing factories means that the coronavirus is more contained, it also means that manufacturing of lace was stopped for a long time. North Korea, one of the largest producers of lace for lace fronts and closures, has announced that they will not resume production of lace until 2021. The luxury Swiss lace producers in Switzerland have also slowed their processes down, meaning the lace manufacturing from all corners of the world is at a minimum.

Zooming back in from the macro level to the micro level: this production disruption will affect you, as a wig wearer and purchaser. The decrease in lace production means a decrease in wig production, as we touched on before, but that decrease in wig production means that we will be facing a wig and lace scarcity. A scarcity in wig and lace front stock means that, inevitably and unfortunately, the prices of these wigs, lace fronts, and closures will have to increase to make up for the lack of additional stock. These slightly inflated prices mean that we as a provider of fine hair bundles, closures, and lace fronts will be able to stay in business and keep supplying our customers with high quality products. These prices will likely be slightly inflated at every retailer in order to make up for the lack of production.

Don’t fret if you’re looking to pick up some new lace products to keep your hair looking fresh and set. There are some actions you can take in order to make sure you keep your hair seamless and your look glam. The first thing you should do is read up on the current situation, which you’ve already accomplished by reading this blog! The second thing you should consider doing is ordering your lace fronts, closures, and bundles now, especially if you’re looking to have them by the holidays. There may be more disruptions in the industry and the more time you allot to get your goods, the better.

Don’t forget that Luxeal London has your, and your hair’s, best interest at heart. We are doing our best to continue to provide you with seamless transparent lace for our

HD Frontals, and beautiful brunette Swiss lace for our other closures. We just may need a bit more of your patience during this period. But fear not—we will still be here to give you the quality in your hair that you deserve.