Frontal Ponytail 101: All Your Questions Answered

You asked, we answered! We tackle all those burning questions about frontal ponytails, what you need for them, how to maintain them and so much more

We get so many questions about frontal ponytails, so today, we’re sitting down to quickly answer some of the questions we keep hearing about them. 

  1. How Long Can I Keep My Frontal Ponytail In?

The sweet spot is 2 to 3 weeks, but you stretch it to 8 weeks max with some retouching. It’s best to keep it in the lower range though so that your hairline doesn’t go MIA or the glue starts to irritate your skin. Remember what happened with Gorilla Glue Girl… 

  1. But How Can I Blend The Frontal Ponytail Into My Hair If I Don’t Use Any Heat?

There’s lots of ways to achieve this. The easiest one is simply just buying a frontal ponytail that matches your hair texture and colour, to begin with.

But if you’re interested in rocking something different, then other options you can consider are: 

  • Using gel to slick down your own hair 
  • Stretching your hair using heatless methods such as threading, but this method is only effective if your frontal ponytail’s texture isn’t silky 
  • Put in a braid where the hair from the frontal meets yours so you don’t have a line of demarcation 
  • Do a double frontal ponytail i.e., 2 frontals: one in the front and the other in the back
  1. Can I Install a Frontal Ponytail Myself?

Yeah, you can, but we don’t advise it. Because styling them requires a lot of skill when it comes to laying the lace and blending the textures, a lot of which happens at the back of your head, you’re much better off having a trusted stylist install it for you. You can expect to pay between £120 to £180. 

  1. How’s The Maintenance Like On These?

Surprisingly low.

They need just about as much maintenance as a lace front. So, you will have times when the lace will lift just a tad in some areas, just use your favourite freeze spray or glue to fix that. And just like your regular wigs, don’t swim in them. 

  1. How To Remove a Frontal Ponytail?

Depends on how your frontal ponytail was installed. First, take out the extension / bundle  that formed the ponytail. Then, if you used glue, use a solvent to loosen the glue. If you used freeze spray or a water-soluble adhesive, use water. Once the adhesive has loosened, slowly lift the lace off of your hairline or wig cap, if you used the bald cap method. 

  1. What Is Needed for a Frontal Ponytail?

You’ll need: 

  • A frontal 
  • Hair extensions for the actual ponytail e.g., braiding hair, bundles, clip-ins, etc 
  • Gel/mousse/edge control/jam if you want to slick the hair
  1. How Do I Pick a Good Frontal for a Frontal Ponytail? 

You need to look at a couple of things: 

  • Size– you’ll want at least a 13*6 so it can cover ear to ear with good parting space for those swoops. 
  • Hair length – The hair itself should be, at least, 8 inches for a high ponytail and 14 inches for a low ponytail.
  1. What Occasions Can I Wear a Frontal Ponytail To?

You can wear a frontal ponytail anywhere: to prom, date nights, weddings, cosplay, events, photoshoots, the supermarket… the list is endless! Well, except for the gym or swimming. So check out our frontal ponytails that come in lots of different textures and colours to suit pretty much every style need.

Got any more questions? We love hearing from you, so drop those in the comments below, and we’ll get back to you! 


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