Plucking your Lace frontal/Closure, is it really worth it?

The main aim when wearing a Lace frontal or Closure is for it to look as natural and seamless as possible right? The last thing you want is for your wig or sew-in to be looking like a witch wig that you’ve just brought from your local costume shop. One method used to help achieve that seamless, realistic looking hair line includes plucking the Lace Frontal to your own unique hair line.

Now I’m sure you’re wondering, what the hell is plucking? How do I pluck my Lace frontal? Where do I even begin? 

Well, don’t you worry your pretty little heads, Luxeal Hair London and trusted professional partner hair stylists have been summoned and are here to put you at ease and give you a much-requested lesson in all things plucking.

What is ‘plucking’?

Plucking involves using a tweezer to remove excess hair around the hairline, this makes the hair line look less bulky and way more “au naturel”, the trick is to replicate your real hair line. This can be done with the hair wet or dry depending on your preference. Some people prefer working with wet hair as it’s easier to control and handle, whilst others prefer to pluck when the hair is dry so that they can get a real feel for what the finished result will look like, the choice is up to you.

Now, let me show you some before and after plucking images we’ve taken at Luxeal Hair London. Can you guess which image shows the Lace frontal plucked and which image shows the Lace Frontal pre-plucked?

Did you guess is right? It’s pretty hard not to notice the differences…let me put it this way, I know which lace frontal I would want on my head out of the two, that’s for sure.

ANSWER:(Left image=NOT PLUCKED) (Right image=PLUCKED)

Now let’s take an even closer look shall we, so you can really see what’s going on and how plucking can really help achieve a much more natural, seamless looking hairline.

Now I KNOW you can see what I’m talking about queens! The plucking, it’s giving natural, realistic, scalp like excellence. This is the effect that you should be going for when plucking the hair line of your lace. 

Let’s see it one more time, this time from hairstylist – @Wigginituk (on Instagram). @wigginituk is showing you plucking perfection queens, using Luxeal Hair London 6×6 closure available on our website 

Top Tip: be careful not to go too far and over pluck as this can result in bald spots or tears and rips in your lace.

Now, it can be difficult to find great quality lace, and finding a brand you love, and trust can be even harder. My own personal journey using and wearing lace has been full of trying and testing different brands, wigs, and styles, ultimately wasting hundreds and hundreds of pounds on some, poor quality Lace Frontals, Lace Closures and wig units. I wish that I knew more about lace before making those purchases, and that I had a brand I could trust a rely on.

That’s part of the reason Luxeal Hair London wanted to bring you some new, fun, and insightful blog posts which aim to inspire, educate and engage with a community who would like to brush up on their product knowledge within the world of hair extensions and lace systems and be inspired by styles and looks featured.


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