Product knowledge with Luxeal Hair London – All you need to know about frontals & closures

Let’s get right into it…what exactly is a frontal or a closure? And how and when should you use them? Well, whether you want to protect your natural hair from breakage, or simply try a daring new look without making the full commitment of making permanent changes to your own hair, frontals and closures can act as a solution for you to complete your dream hair style in the most natural looking way. Both lace frontal and lace closure hair pieces are perfect for styling your wigs, sew-ins and natural hair extensions, but how do you decide which option is best for you before investing your coins? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered sis. We’ve put together a straightforward beginner’s guide to ALL thing’s frontals and closures with their major pros and cons too.

What is a Lace frontal?

Figure 1 – Swiss lace 13×4 frontal

Lace frontal hair pieces allow experienced lace users and hairstylist to provide a great solution to completing a wig unit, sew-in or other styles. Lace frontals usually come in the size 13×4 ( 4 inches to the back, 13 inches across) covering your entire hairline, ear to ear. The large parting space means you can create multiple looks, keep it classic with a simple middle part, or switch it up and try a side parting or a natural looking, sleek ponytail, a frontal offers versatility in styling, and when customised perfectly offers a very natural looking style. Lace frontal hair pieces can also come in the size 13×6 ( 6 inches to the back, 13 inches across). This offers a deeper parting/styling space for you or your hairstylist to work with and create so many different looks.

Figure 2- 13×6 Swiss Lace Frontal

Top tip: If your new to using and installing frontals, we recommend getting a professional hairstylist to help you out sis! It can be the difference between achieving that FLAWLESS MELT we see all over social media, or not…But if you don’t want to invest in a hair stylist, stay tuned to our blog posts for how to install your frontal step by step, for the most natural effect and more about HD LACE FRONTALS coming soon

Pros to a frontal:
Full, ear to ear natural hairline
Can be worn as a protective style for your hair and edges (avoid glues here sis)
Faster hair installation time
Allows versatility in personal styling
Breathability and comfortability

Con’s to a frontal:
Can damage your edges if not applied and cared for properly
Can require a lot of tweaking ( plucking, bleaching or tinting) to look the most natural
More expensive than a closure

What is A Lace Closure?

Figure 3- Medium brown 5×5 closure

Similar to a frontal, a Lace Closure also allows you to complete your install, however with far less versatility provided. The standard size a Lace Closure comes in is 4×4 (4 inches across, 4 inches to the back) and is best suited for those who are new to using lace and are happy to rock a classic middle part style, and those who don’t have the time or skill to install and lay a whole Lace frontal down.

Lace closures also come in the sizes 5×5 and 6×6, these may be required if you have a larger forehead space or if you are looking for more versatility and a longer hairline from your look. Lace Closures can also be parted in multiple directions however there is far less lace to work with so deeper partings are not possible.

Top Tip: try rotating your 4×4 closure to the side to switch it up and achieve a side parting style.

Pro’s to a Lace Closure:
Requires less maintenance
Beginner Lace user friendly
Protects your hair
Last longer than a frontal

Con’s to a Lace Closure:
Limited styling options/ versatility
It does not cover the entire hair line/edges/sideburns

How do I know which lace colour/shade to choose?

Speaking from experience (and not a good one), a lot of beginner lace users are unaware that they need to find the best lace to suit their skin tone.


I had to learn that the hard way and let me tell you, it wasn’t pretty. So, to save you time and the same embarrassment, lets run through the lace options we have available at Luxeal and which skin tones they are best suited to briefly, but stayed tuned for MORE on Lace tinting and alternatives to help you match your lace to your skin tone.

Swiss light brown lace – this lace colour is best suited to our brown skin tones or darker
Transparent swiss lace – This lace colour is best suited to our lighter/ fairer skin tones, unless tinted or altered to match a more darker skin tone
HD lace – This is very see through, and very delicate but can achieve the most FLAWLESS install of all the laces, this lace can be used by all skin tones too given that it is altered to suit

So, there you have it. Product knowledge with Luxeal Hair London complete, on all things Lace frontals vs Lace Closures. If you take anything away from this, just remember…


Figure 4.1 Swiss Transparent vs HD Lace Closure

Figure 4.2 HD Lace

Figure 5- Figure 4 – Transparent Lace (5×5 Closure)