HD Frontals

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You know that flawless and seamless scalp look that you see in Hollywood? That is the look that the HD lace offers. It is so seamless that there is no need to glue it down. In fact, glue can be pretty hard to remove when applied onto HD lace and might end up causing some ripping upon removal. However, if you are really keen on that sleek melted look, you can still apply glue, but you must be sure to apply even more caution when removing the glue. With glue application, the lifespan of the lace is about 4 installations. If you want to be looking like a Hollywood star for much longer, then it’s best to go glueless and allow the lace to give you 2 to 3 good months of picturesque hair days.

Worried about whether the HD lace will suit your skin tone? You worry in vain because unlike swiss lace, which is suitable for lighter skin tones, HD lace is transparent and suits every skin tone perfectly. It has a very natural look to it. However, if you want it looking even more natural, your hairstylist can do a little more plucking.

Some people decide to colour their HD frontal in which case you must use the watercolour method and be extremely gentle to avoid ripping the lace.

If you haven’t picked up on it by now, you should know that HD lace is quite delicate and must be treated with the utmost respect and care.


Luxeal hair is of the highest quality and it should last approximately 2 years if it is properly maintained and care for. This also varies with usage.

Our hair is 100% unprocessed. It hasn’t been coloured/dyed, bleached, chemically treated, straightened or waved.

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