STYLE OF THE MONTH Your NEW favourite Girls group chat – Luxeal Ladies

It’s Saturday night, summer is fast approaching, and girls’ holidays WILL get booked, you and your new favv girls group chat: Luxeal Ladies is about to go offfffff,  with hairstyles and inspiration for looks you can slay, now and forever more.

For this month’s pick, we’ve gone for a Timeless, sleek, bone straight middle parting look. This style is iconic, and you cannot go wrong with it, we swear by a sleek look like this one.

Kim Kardashian is serving looks with both variations of the look, the sexy sleek long black vs the fun and flirty sleek blonde. We can’t decide which one we love more tbh!

Now I’m sure you’re probably thinking how the hell do I recreate this look to a T, or maybe you want to add your own finesse or finishing touches, either way, we’ve got you girls.

Model: Rebel 
Products: Luxeal 6×6 closure & Uzbek bundles 

1x20inch 6×6 Swiss Transparent Lace 3x26inch Uzbek Bundles

We recreated this iconic look for you, using Luxeal Hair London products with beautiful model Rebel. Want to learn how to create this look? Come back here next week, same place, same time  we’ve got it all covered.

We wanted to keep this girls group chat ‘Luxeal Ladies’, short and sweet, we hope you enjoyed our hair style inspiration pick for this month and if you feel inspired to slay this look and want to share on Instagram hashtag #Luxealladies


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